Allergic Girl Resources, Inc. (AGR), consults individuals and groups; government and non-government organizations and the foodservice and hospitality industry. AGR tailors services to the needs of its clients.

Consultation options may include but are not limited to:

For consumer groups:

  • Achievable goal setting
  • Building up existing strengths
  • Ongoing peer support
  • Assistance with food choices, grocery shopping and meal planning
  • Tools to improve quality of life
  • Creation of an active support system
  • Recommended resources and referrals

For foodservice and hospitality:

  • Increasing positive communication with patrons
  • Allergen-friendly menu planning
  • Front of house allergen statements
  • Back of house food allergen training and compliance
  • Maintaining customer-first focus
  • Maintaining bottom line costs
  • Recommended resources and referrals

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